The Colorado Technology Center is the home of nearly a hundred businesses with several leading manufacturing and high-tech companies. 

The Owners' Association is a non-profit organization that exists to carry out the construction, management, preservation, maintenance and care of the property. The Association is organized and established to manage common areas and to serve the best interests of its members.

District Update:

The Colorado Tech Center Owners Association and Metro District Boards held a joint meeting on August 26th at the request of Brue Baukol, developer of the former Conoco Phillps Property,  to review their concept plans for redevelopment of the site.  While Brue Baukol requested both Boards endorse the project, the Boards did not feel they had enough information to comment.  

The developer has submitted its application packet to the City of Louisville and is holding a series of public outreach meetings. Both Boards encourage their respective constituents to engage in the public process on this important development.